Fisherbeck easy threading jigs.  Easy threader, all the better.

Tips and tricks

We have found that we consistently catch more and bigger pan fish with orange and black Gillerbeck Easy Threading Jigs, both in ice and open water fishing. White and green, chartreuse Gillerbeck Easy Threading Jigs (soon to be available) are the second and third choice.

Tie a light (2 to 6 pounds) test line directly to the jig. You will catch more and bigger fish. If snaps or swivels are used, put them 12 to 18 inches ahead of the Gillerbeck Easy Threading Jig. Line twisting with all jigs can be a problem, see that the line untwists after every couple of casts or fish catches.

When ice fishing, a wax worm threaded through the tail about 1/4 to 1/2 the length of the worm and then pulled slightly down from the horizontal Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jig works well with big Bluegills.

Sometimes mousies (hooked through the front), bee larvae or meal worms (hooked like wax worms) work well on certain lakes.

When fish won’t bite on a wax worm, it may work to snip the head off the worm and squeeze to show a bit of the worm’s insides.

When the Bluegill prefer a smaller worm, try hooking 2-3 eurolarvae, fly maggots or golden rod boll larvae lightly through the anal opening.

When open water jigging or casting, you can catch more and bigger Bluegills using plastic grubs. In most lakes, white is preferred but black works better on some lakes; especially those with muddy bottoms and where leeches are food. These curly -tail plastics are great for big Bluegills when used with the Gillerbeck Bluegill Easy Threading Jig and hooked similar to wax worms.

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