Fisherbeck easy threading jigs.  Easy threader, all the better.
Go ahead, rock the boat!
With Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jigs, you can quickly and easily thread your line leaving more time to catch huge pan fish!  Test the Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jig against your best catching jig. Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jigs will become your go-to favorite.

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How to use Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jigs

how to use fisherbeck easy threading jigs
  1. For horizontal presentation, start the fishing line through the top hole.
  2. Tie the knot, insuring the lure hangs horizontally.
  3. If using attractant, squeeze into the larger front hole. Hook the worm or bait so it hangs down as shown.
  4. baited lure
  5. Jig slowly with an up and down motion at fish depth.
  6. If using a cork, jerk the line slightly for motion and be prepared to catch fish!